Pirate Ship

scratch built

By date, my most elaborate egg-model. Inspired by the ghostship modelkit from Airfix, I built it out of an plasticegg, leftover parts from a never completed HMS Victory modelkit and polystyrene sheetplastic. Captian Jack Sparrow is back eggain!



Is it Black Beard`s ship?

Fidiles David Dorin

How creative. Great attention to detail.


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USS Essex CV-9 with Corsairs USS Essex CV-9 with Corsairs
scratch built with altered Hasegawa kits

USS Essex CV-9 USS Essex CV-9
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German Submarine type 206 A German Submarine type 206 A
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Exxon Valdez Exxon Valdez
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7C Boat 7C Boat
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Carrier and planes Carrier and planes
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Carrier Carrier
scratch built

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