Well, think of it as a tribute to the good ol’ horrormovies from the 50ties and 60ties. Based mainly on the “Monsterscenes” modelkits (augmented by some other kits and a lot of scratchbuilt miniatures) that were released in 1971, the comix should keep up the spirit and fun of modelkit building. Scriptwriting, model construction, photographing and computer-postproduction took me about one year (of course I thought, it will only take some weeks...) of permanent working. For some the famous, for others the infamous Monsterscenes modelkitseries, were the perfect choice, for these kits reached certainly a state of cult (read more about the gruelling story of the “Aurora Monsterscenes” modelkit debacle at http://www.thepartspit.com/htdocs/ MONSTER_SCENES.html ) and, consisting of nine different kits of the same scale, they formed an extensive backdrop and simultanously delivered most of the main characters. Defining the script was a more challenging task than the miniature construction, as I had to build the story around a limited number of existing figures and props. The photography and postproduction took me about five nervewrecking months (imagine the figures toppling over about 1000 times...). But nonetheless it was a funny project and I hope you have a nice time while reading “the deadly chronicles”.

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