Here are posted pictures of eggplanes and -machines built by modelbuilders, who, like me, fell in love with these tiny and cute eggthings. If you have pictures you want to have posted here, don't be shy: just contact me.


Jimi Glancy

Now to something very exciting!!! Jimi Glancy produced a modelkit of the Viper mk1 that you can buy!! Based on my Viper design the modelkit is manufactured in high quality. A real must for a an egg fan! And the best: by the time two other modelkits are in production. Call him up for further detail. email: bollod[at]


Jose Maria

Jose Maria sent me his finely painted "eggworks". Adding some extra detail soups up the whole scenery...
email: jmbforcada[at]


Keith Chambers

Keith's egg career includes some very hard to find (if not already extinct!) modelkits. His converted Hasegawa Hughes 300 helicopter inspired me to build the Calypso. email: weinermoldy[at]


Michael Gahr

Michael Gahr shows here his hasegawa goodies with a lot of rare dioramas. email: mihega[at]


Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandes likes to conquer the egg universe pedro.fernandes.modeler[at]


Rene Löffler

Shown here are the models of Rene Löffler. The poor astronaut will never ever get back into the shuttle: He simply will not find the door...


Vladimir Mischonin

Vladimir Mischonin built an extra fine model of the TY-144, the russian counterpart of the western Concorde. Both shared the same fate: Too high costs. email: beroplan[at]



Tory Mucaro built this wonderful Goodegg blimp, exploring the possibilities of the eggplane universe...
email: Tory.Mucaro[at]


Eric Rutten

Eric Rutten sent me pictures of his eggplanes. He uses the eggplanes as a vector for his art. If you wonder what I am talking about, visit his homepage at:



Daniel Clamot

Daniel Clamot customized his Mirage 2000 from AFV  with a highly detailed cockpit and a "french" pilot with a baguette, built by his friend Dominique Jadoul. 
Again we see what could happen, when a standard modelkit gets into the claws of a talented modelbuilder... 



Jose Blanco

The following pictures represent the work of Jose Blanco. He upgraded hasegawa modelkits with a lot of intricate and funny extra detailing. Just take a closer look into the cockpits or find the "dangerous" special exhaust port of the harriers tail.....
email: jmbforcada[at]



Björn Bäcklund

sent me pictures of his worxx. The "Eggerprise" tops all existing eggcraft, i think. Hopefully the protection shields hold up...
email: 08-7862824[at]



Rainer Tunkowitsch

My friend Rainer sent me the pictures of his eggplanes. Important note: He built his "blue angels" long before hasegawa released their blue angel modelkit!!! Tell the difference...
email: rtunk[at]



Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson sent me these pictures of his wonderful models ( the shiny redbull P-38 is my absolute favourite!)
email: pappy50[at]

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